THIS LINK IS ONLY FOR VETERANS! Do not give it out to other interested dancers. This is a courtesy early registration for our wonderful veteran dancers. Registration for the public will open on Aug. 11. Thank you.

Public Registration Opens: August 11, 2022

Pre-Season Mixer: September 7, 2022
Rehearsals Start: September 12, 2022
Day/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: Portsmouth Senior Activity Center, Cottage St. Portsmouth, NH 03801

Season Cost: $20
Skill Level: Any
Minimun Age: 12 years old

Registration is currently closed.

Parade Details

DATE: October 31
TIME: 7:00pm
​START: Pierce Island, Portsmouth, NH 03801
ROUTE LENGTH: 1.1 miles

Additional route details can be found at the Portsmouth Halloween Parade website.

Attendance: Last year we changed the way we did rehearsals due to Covid and limited practice space. We're going to continue that model for this year. We will be holding two rehearsals a week. You will be required to come to one, with the expectation that you will also practice at home, as the parade is seen by thousands of people and we want to produce the best performance possible. If you feel that you need more practice, you are welcome to come to both rehearsals. The absence policy is as follows: If you are unable to attend your regular rehearsal night, please plan on attending the other rehearsal that week.

Age Restriction: Kids over 12 are welcome to dance with us. For safety purposes, we have a hard and fast rule anyone under 16 years old must have a family member or guardian dancing with them at every rehearsal and at the parade.

The cost for participating covers minor expenses such as sound equipment, supplies, and to support charitable organizations.